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PLEASE HELP Need help with Pl and Dpl on a Motorola xts3000

Guest David

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So i purchased a xts3000 on ebay today and the seller offers free prigraming but I dont understand most of the terms simce i just recently got my GMRS license and have no prior experience with radios. My xts 3000 is a model III uhf version. He is asking for PL and DPL. Basically this is what he wrote:

"We need a complete programming list of all frq's, SEE BELOW:


RECEIVE TRANSMIT pl/ dpl/ nac code Name

1. 454.1600 458.1600 156.8 fire 5

2. 456.600 459.600 156.8 car 7


and so on go ahead and go ahead and email the list back through ebay and sen your ph#.#.## if we have to call you about the list"


Could someone please help?

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The seller is asking about the subaudible tones that are used to unsquelch the speaker of the radio. If you've used an FRS/GMRS radio these are the privacy codes. Motorola uses PL for "Private Line" and DPL for "Digital Private Line". 


If you're having this programmed for repeaters, you'll need to provide the receive and transmit frequencies of each repeater, plus the tone information the repeater requires. If you're a member of this site, you can look up the repeater information once you're logged in. Provide this information to the seller and they will program the channels for you.


Remember that the radio will need to transmit on 467.xxx MHz and receive on 462.xxx MHz for repeater operation. If you want to create simplex (non-repeater) channels in the radio (always a good idea in case no repeater is around), TX and RX will be on 462.xxx MHz.

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