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I am not US based so your FCC doe not affect me. It also means that I probably cannot become a member of this forum.


I recently purchased two Baofeng BF-888S HT's. As is normal with Baofeng, their supplied manual is not the most detailed. I have used CHIRP to programme the UHF frequencies (400MHz to 470MHz) that I wish to use and all is working well. On high power (<5W), I am getting a range of better than 2km.


My question is, is the BF-888S capable of receiving commercial FM radio broadcasts? There is no mention of it in the manual.

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In addition to what Logan5 mentioned above -

Since you are from the Philippines, you may wish to apply for an FCC Registration Number (FRN).  Once you have an FRN on file with the Commission, you can apply for a GMRS license, by following the menu in the on-line application form. Rules Part 95.305 sub section "c" states, "( c ) Foreign government operator. No entity that is a foreign government or which is acting in its capacity as a representative of a foreign government is authorized by this section to operate Personal Radio Service stations."

If you do not represent the Government of the Philippines, you are eligible to apply under requirements found in Rules, Part 95.1705. (Further specified in Part 95.305 sub (f) "Foreign station. No person is authorized by this section to operate a foreign government radio station.


Once you have a GMRS license, and the database at the MyGMRS main website is sync'ed with the FCC database, you can register there and join the forum as a licensed member. Your license would be usable in the fifty United States and the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Navassa Island, the United States Virgin Islands (50 islets and cays), American Samoa (seven islands), Baker Island, the Commonwealth of Northern Marianna Islands, Guam Island and Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Island (Islets East, Johnston, North and Sand), Kingman Reef, Midway Island (Islets Eastern and Sand), Palmyra Island (more than 50 islets), and Wake Island (Islets Peale, Wake and Wilkes).

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Guest rbscebu

Logan5, Thank you for your reply.


PastorGary, yes I am based in the Philippines. To the best of my knowledge, no licencing is required for using the BF-888s in the Philippines as it operates on the UHF band only at less than 5W TPO.

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