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  1. Except, of course, the GMRS V1.
  2. Part 95 has specific standards? Wow, who knew? I've got a box full of 888s that are setup to provide comms to a local neighborhood in the event of an emergency. They are what we call "good enough". Yes, the signal is not as clean as an ICOM etc. But they meet Part 90 (I mention this because there was another thread about how no BF in the history of forever was certified for anything ever, or something). Here's a video with a comparison between an 888S and an ICOM. You'll see there is a noticeable difference in signal quality. But you'll also notice that it's nowhere near as bad as some have claimed. https://youtu.be/-DGXyaDSv9I?t=4m23s
  3. This is getting off topic and should probably be moved to the Ham area - however I have to call BS (sort of) on this. The BaoFengs and other brands work just fine. I've watched them on a spectrum analyzer, and while a little sloppy compared to a high end radio, they were certainly not as bad as YouTube would have you believe. There are always those who look down on inexpensive radios, most of them have no actual experience using them. IOW they are "experts by proxy", passing along information they heard or saw on the Interwebs. If you don't like cheap radios, fine. But they work, they are a great entry point for new Hams, and don't deserve the reputation they get. IMHO, YMMV, HAND. 73's.
  4. If I'm reading the FCC certification correctly, the UV-5R is Part 90 approved and has been since 2012. I'm basing this on the FCC OET's Equipment Authorization Search website, grantee ID ZP5. Of course, Part 90 isn't Part 95. Since the GMRS-V1 is so cheap I don't know why folks don't just get that and avoid the worry.
  5. Edit #2: He's baaack. New link provided below. Edit: Well the video is temporarily (I guess) off line. I've removed the link for now rather than delete this post. I've seen this discussed on many forums, and there are dozens (at least) of videos on YouTube regarding tiger tails for HT radios. A good friend of mine just posted a video on the subject. He did extensive testing using actual, you know, engineering and science. I was surprised with the results. Anywho, here's the link: https://youtu.be/oCzo7VuQt90 Merry Christmas! Chief E
  6. chiefeis


    Not the same at all as an open wifi hotspot. And there's a school of thought in the cybersecuritu world that recommends keeping your wifi open. This is said to provide an affirmative defense against illegal activities on your connection.
  7. Actually I think all you need for a counterpoise is around 6". I have one hooked on my, uh, "X brand radio", and it seemed to produce better results.
  8. So I went ahead and bought one. Setup was super simple. After reading a number of reviews I went with SDRConsole for the software. I was already using it to connect to Internet connected SDRs, and so far it has worked great with the RSP1. I received a old but new-in-the-box Radio Shack discone antenna from a fellow Ham who just had it laying around. Picked up some RG8 cable from the Ham Outlet and am now happily catching some [radio] waves.
  9. Bulk? It added no bulk at all. And It is much easier to break down for packing up in my EDC. Not sure how to add a photo, but here's a link to my BaoFeng http://imgur.com/qc29tAc
  10. I've had that happen as well. Which why I got a SMA female to BNC female adapter. Tighten that bad boy onto the HT and you're in business.
  11. Has anyone here tried the SDRPlay RSP1? I see it's on sale through the end of the month.
  12. So I'm sort of involved in an Emergency Preparedness (i.e. prepping) group. We get lots of invites to online seminars, and today I was actually listening to one (vice ignoring the invite). The topic was Emergency Communications. The presenter was the author of several preparedness books, including one on communications. I tell you, I was digging what he was laying down - right up to the point when he talked about two-way radios that you can get at Walmart. And how they are great because you "Don't need a license". *sigh*
  13. Well there is the fact that Amateur radio is Part 97...
  14. Uh, I think we already hashed this out.
  15. Good point. But I was thinking just in general use, similar to a Ham log. Would be interesting to keep track of who you've talked to - assuming you can find someone to talk to ;-)
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