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  1. Despite my comment being posted in someone's GMRS topic, it was a random conversation that was going on that wasn't related to the original post or GMRS. I didn't feel the need to create my own topic or start a private conversation, though, I do apologize for "hijacking" the original post, and, unless someone has something to add onto that comment, I feel the conversation will cease.
  2. So, the Anytone AT-D868UV is available now, I see the going price about $160. I don't know for how long, but, that's cheaper than expected. I may go with it, as it doesn't seem too much more than the GD-77 (less than $220) but, I want to wait a little until I found out more about the Anytone AT-D868S which is suppose to be a 10W/5W/2.5W/0.5W model of it. Although the extra transmitting power is nice, it seems to have some compromises such as less channels and maybe contacts. 5W is usually not enough some places I go, but, 8W usually is. If the 7W of the 868UV is pretty solid, it may be okay, but, I'd rather not get it and the power is more of 5.5W, though the 868S 10W would be nice.
  3. WQWI871

    New to GMRS

    You'll need to get permission from the owner or whomever grants permission to transmit. Generally that can be done via email or by submitting a request on the repeater listings' page.
  4. Okay. Thank you for your response.
  5. Thank you for your response. I should've mentioned that I was referring to RF ground than electrical ground. I just wanted to know if a J Pole would perform okay in the attic (especially considering the height is not that of the mast outside) with the J Pole just being connected to either wood or pvc, and if I did attempt an RF ground, would it make a difference. But, again, it should just be for a few days, because I kind of only plan on using it for when the mast is down unless another situation arises.
  6. I was thinking about putting a J Pole in the attic, just for times I need to lower the mast, which should only be for a couple days. I've read that J Poles should be grounded and I wanted some opinions on that. PS: I was going to go with an aluminum than a copper. I'd rather thread thinner solid aluminum than to solder copper. A side note, I was going to make a dual band 2m/70cm J Pole, but, does anyone have ideas on building a quad/tri/6m J Pole? Something not too long? I know lower frequency, longer length, but, even if It's just a 1/4 wave rather than 1/2 or full to save space. That's just a side note, though, and not the primary focus.
  7. Sorry that was a poor choice of words, I didn't mean it like that lol. It's difficult to explain what I meant by cheap. I don't think the MD-380 looks cheap, and, although the GD-77 takes on the same form, it just seemed different regarding construction. I'll still consider it for It's value. Hopefully if all is well with Irma, I can find something at an upcoming hamfest.
  8. Dang. That TYT TH- UV8200 looks nice, but, not many reviews. It's like a 10W dual band MD-380, but, is analog not DMR. And, roughly $100. Eh I know there's compromises, but, it sucks that It's difficult to find one radio for multiple needs.
  9. I did see and consider the Radiodiddy GD-77 for It's value, because as you mentioned, that is by far the cheapest dual band DMR handheld to find, being about the same price as a mono band MD-380. But, it just seemed like a cheap radio. I'm not saying It's a bad radio, just looks a bit cheap. I decided to wait for the Anytone D868UV or the Retevis Ailunco HD-1, hopefully sometime this year. I will still consider the GD-77 for It's value, though, that's far more doable for me. I would've purchased an MD-380 by now if it were dual band. On a side note, what I'm mostly looking for in a DMR handheld, and, I know this may be a waste to some, but, private / group calls, private / group messages, analog mode, normal talk on DMR repeaters, clock and gps. I don't plan on using talk groups much, I may pick a couple talk groups for the fun of it every now and than, but, I'm not very interested in that. The D868UV, by the way, seems pretty solid on the 6W. Which is nice because my Baofengs are solid on the 8W and if I do manage to save for a dual band DMR, I would want to carry it over an analog considering it is also analog, so, I'd prefer to compromise as less as possible so that It's more of an upgrade than a downgrade. I noticed recently that I wasn't reaching a local repeater good with the 5W FT-65 when my Baofeng UV82-HP is always solid in the exact same spot.
  10. I feel like a culprit that a group of local walmart employees started using Baofengs. Even one was purchased for the general manager. The other local walmart (there's about four walmarts local to me) uses MURS 4. One of the employees started talking with me about the Baofeng he usually sees me carry when I go their to shop. They're unlocked (not locked to only 2m and 70cm) cheap, and works. That's all he wanted to know. So, he purchased ten of them for the group and one from me. Some of the employees are using Motorola's their, though. That reminds me, I just got a new Yaesu handheld in. I go to walmart tomorrow. sometimes I think I should have saved for a DMR, though. Maybe I can find something affordable at an upcoming hamfest.
  11. For GMRS or 70cm, yes, about 6-7 inches is okay. For 2m or MURS, about 11-12 inches. But, I suppose 6-7 inches is better on 2m or MURS than not at all, unless someone can verify that. I won't do 19-20 inches, but, 11-12 inches is discreet if It's thin gauge and located in a good spot. I have a small terminal, It's no more noticeable than those wrist straps that come with some radios.
  12. This topic was regarding a stationary mobile or base radio. The last comment was a side note referring to a thin 30G, maybe about 11" of wire used on a portable / handheld as a counterpoise which is discreet and not noticeable, certainly more discreet than a whip that is 15 inches or more. But, wasn't the focus of the topic. I have resolved the last comment, though and accepting any more comments for the focus of the topic.
  13. I was mistaken. I'm not someone that gives false information just so that I can feel proud and smart. I try to be honest and give correct information, however, not everyone remembers or has time to flip through for exact quotes. A side note, I did correct my original post and don't see the need for ongoing feuds of my mistake.
  14. Yeah, okay. It's just I never have cash, and, considering I don't drive, It's a hassle going somewhere to get cashback from my debit card or withdraw. I'll try to get some cash in advanced to be ready. It's nice to know that my local clubs will accept personal checks.
  15. With that said, the best information we can give is to direct the questioner to the official source for the most accurate and up to date details.
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