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  1. IIRC, as a federal regulatory agency, it will be 30 days after they officially announce the change that it will go into effect. They said that in their response as well. Unless I missed it, I don't believe they have officially announced the change yet so my renewal would pass by and I have too much set up with our call sign to let that happen.
  2. I'm right there with you. I missed the 10 year rule change and it looks like I will miss the fee reduction because mine expires in February 2021.
  3. Look back and read a page or two in this very thread.
  4. Yep, I am aware. However, it was made perfectly clear by local hamsters that the ostracization and the intentional QRM that would follow on any amateur repeater that I put up without coordination would make it annoying and mostly unused and unusable. It's like that in my AO. Then, there is the limitation on work traffic and the individual license factor for family members and friends' families. GMRS solves all of those problems for us here.
  5. I think I can answer that... Some, like me, don't want the hassle of frequency coordination and prefer the broader use allowed by GMRS. As I understand it in my AO, frequency coordination has locked up most amateur radio repeater pairs. Some are camped on the pairs without even having a repeater on the air for years/decades. When I checked into it some time back, I was told "Good luck getting a pair!" by local hamsters. We also use GMRS for actual work; can't do that with amateur. Additionally, there is the big appeal of immediate family members being able to transmit under the one license; no tests required.
  6. The frequencies are just frequencies. Of course, DMR works perfectly fine on GMRS frequencies! There are even parts of the country where you can find DMR, P25, etc repeaters on GMRS. There have been several radio operators in my AO using DMR on simplex regularly. However, part 95 does not currently allow it and the FCC has been quite resistant to the idea.
  7. "You and the FCC seems to have said it's legal. Just limited" No, the FCC has stated that DMR is not acceptable on GMRS at this time. The only allowance they made was for FRS and only in the finite definitions of when and how in part 95. "It used to be illegal to have GMRS handhelds with removable antenna, not now." AFAIK, it was not illegal to have GMRS handhelds with removable antennae. That was FRS. The reason you saw that with the FRS/GMRS combination handhelds was to comply with FRS. Now, of course, no more dual use handhelds can be marketed under the rules. "It used to be illegal to transmit high power on CB. Not now." No, the current rules still limit CB to 4 watts AM and 12 watts SSB. "So knowing exactly where the line is, helps." You need to look carefully at part 95 yourself and then ask questions. It is written in plain English. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/47/part-95
  8. It still exists... https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/c12521-p1.html?series=BRAND476&sorter=featuredProducts-desc
  9. AFAIK, it was a carve-out to specifically allow the Garmin Rino line of radios to continue to operate. So far, the FCC has continued to block DMR on GMRS except in a certain instance, IIRC, where someone requested a special license allowance for DMR to do testing/research.
  10. You nailed it. That's exactly what ended up happening. Our area has a weekly net and the narrow band/wide band shtick got old real quick. I believe that all of our narrow-banders in the area have went to wide band radios since.
  11. Yep. "Works just fine" from the Midland user's perspective but from the other users' perspective, not so much.
  12. I broke the speed limit on the highway yesterday and went past a police officer. Since I wasn't ticketed, there is no speed limit. Non Sequitur. ETA: If the FCC rigorously enforced the regulations regarding Part 90 equipment on GMRS, many repeaters would be forced off the air. IMHO, they know this and choose to turn a blind eye. What the FCC did NOT want to do is open a blanket exemption for all Part 90 equipment and they even stated that. The compromise they chose, knowingly or not, was selective enforcement. It would have been wiser if the FCC did the heavy lifting and crafted clear exemptions in GMRS but they didn't.
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