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On behalf of Rich D., William and myself, we would like to thank everyone who is participating in this forum. We have an excellent membership and the sharing of knowledge between members is making this forum one of the best places on the Net to get quality information about radio systems and specifically GMRS.


Thank you all and if you know any licensed operators who are not yet registered at the main site, please tell them about us.

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I would just like to add one comment to this "Thank You" thread -


The staff has yet to have to use ANY of our moderation tools to dole out discipline to any member. This forum is one of the very few that I have moderated or administered, since the late 1970's, that has been self-regulating between members. That is very rare these days and once again, on behalf of Rich, William and myself, thany you all for making this forum the great success that it has become.



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Thanks everyone! 8 years and going strong thanks to everyone here who participates in this modest site. With that said, I do realize there are some (mostly minor) pain points with the site and they will be addressed moving forward, so don't think I've forgotten about you!


Spread the word to every GMRS user you know. It seems to me that this site, in some capacity, is proof to the FCC that GMRS is still alive and well especially with regard to repeaters. In my humble opinion, I think this is a big reason the FCC's proposed rule changes have stalled. The more active we are, the harder it will be to pass rule changes that could harm the service. Keep up the great work!


And special thanks to Gary and William for volunteering to be a daily presence on the forum helping our members. 

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