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change of licensee due to death


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Has any body run across or had to deal with the death of the licensee?  Is there a way to change the name of the licensee to some one else in the family?  This is a new one for me.  I do not see any reference to this in part 95.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Since no one on the MyGMRS staff is an attorney, this reply is solely based upon FCC wording and common interpretation in Part 95 Section 1705.



Subpart ( a)( 2):   " Any person that holds a valid individual license is eligible to obtain a renewed license, or a modified license to reflect a change of name or address.

If the original license holder is deceased, he or she is no longer eligible to renew or modify.

Subpart (b ):   "Individual licensee responsibility. The holder of an individual license to operate GMRS stations is responsible at all times for the proper operation of the stations in compliance with all applicable rules in this part.


If the individual license holder is deceased, he or she can no longer be "responsible at all times for the proper operation or compliance."



Therefore, under the wording in Section 1705 as listed above, and other applicable licensee responsibilities that can not be fulfilled if the original licensee is deceased, the license most likely becomes void upon the licensee's passing and another family member would have to apply for an FRN as well as a NEW license and allow family members to operate under that NEW license.  The FCC ULS Office can be reached initially by calling 1-888-CALL-FCC and then asking for the ULS Information Desk.  Discuss the situation with the agent and they will be able to give information about proper FCC procedures in this case.


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