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A Mobile and HT to get started...


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I just got a GMRS license. The ten year licensing and covering all immediate family members was what drove me in. Even though I have more amateur transceivers than I care to admit to, I’m going to play completely by the rules and get Part 95 GMRS Type Accepted radios. I’d like a mobile and HT to start off with. I suppose the obvious is a Midland MXT400 Mobile and a BTech GMRS-V1. Debating on whether to just pull the trigger on these or patiently look around still. The Icom IC-F6061 has caught my eye too. Thoughts on pulling the trigger or just waiting to see what else may come up without being compulsive?


I’ve been reading about GMRS linking as well. At first, I didn’t think that was legal as per Part 95, but after reading see what is prohibited is linking to public switches networks (POTS), while VoIP is permitted. (VoIP probably wasn’t really developed yet when it was drafted.) It seems you just need app_rpt running (Raspberry Pi), a URI and interface cable, and a radio that can interface via DB-25? As I have a few hotspots for DMR (D-Star soon), EchoLink node, etc, I’m very interested in this as well.




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Brand new! These are old radios. I was lucky to acquire 3 of them for less than $100 each. You need TK-880H-1 for GMRS. FCC ID: ALH24593210. It works on 70cm ham band too. You also will need a programming cable ($15-$30, or build your own) and programming software, so factor that in. I modified two of mine to allow programming from the panel, but it is a pain, so I do not bother. I just bring laptop to car when I need to add a repeater pair. There is also a TK-880 (without the H), which is 25W, also Part 95, heat sink in the back is smaller and may work better in tight installations.


And, btw, the handheld Kenwood TK-380 is programmed with the same software as TK-880. Unification is good. I do not have a personal experience with them, I went with TK-3170 because wanted something with Li batteries.

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I have been picking up some of the newer model lately on eBay as well...  The Kenwood TK-8180h.  About the same radio, slightly smaller. Also available in 25 Watt model.  Channels are individually programmable for high or low power, wide or narrow bandwidth.


As far as I know, the 8180 is also Part 95A accepted.  I use Kenwood software to program.  The cable is the same as my Leixen VV-898 ham rig.

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