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Kenwood NX-320


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Sorry I can't be of much assistance, I am not familiar with this radio.  Based on my previous experience with Kenwood software there is likely a help section, I would read through that.  The Help was complete enough in the KPG-89D software for me to figure out how to get my TK-8180 programmed with no prior experience.

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I do not have that (NX-320) radio or the software. But, the concepts are certainly the same as any other repeater capable radio. 

BTW, I suggest a simple Google search like kenwood NX-320  programming software  


I did that and then looked for images and found the image below. I also found a number of videos and other helpful forum posts and blogs. Note, I am assuming the image I found is actually from the software you have. But, your software may differ, possibly significantly. Nonetheless, the concepts below should get you through this.




You minimally need to know 3 things. The repeater's transmit and receive frequencies and the PL tone used to access the repeater.  Kenwood uses the term QT or Quiet Talk​ for "PL" It may have a number, like "1", a 2 character name, like "XZ" or a frequency, like "67.0". 


So, based on the image above, I would put the repeater's Transmit frequency (462.550 to 462.725) in column one. This is the frequency your radio will listen on.  Then, place the repeater's Receive frequency (467.550 to 467.725) in column two. The two frequencies must be exactly 5 mHz apart. For example: 462.550 and 467.550.


Then, put the QT tone needed to access the repeater in column 6.  If your repeater also transmits a QT (PL) tone, you may enter that in column 5. (This is useful if you can hear multiple repeaters on the same frequency).


Channel spacing should be set to Wide.


Good luck

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