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GMRS not FRS hand held



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I have the BTECH  GMRS-V1. It is FCC Part 95 compliant. Mine do not put out the 5 watt limit for handheld radios. The put out around 3 watts on high (on my MFJ cross-needle SWR meter). They can be "programmed" from the front panel or with a  special USB interface cord (same one as for the Baofeng UV-5R and BF-888S). 


Motorola, Kenwood,Vertex, ICOM ( and a few others) make radios that can be programmed to operate on GMRS,and that are also Part 95 certified, however, programming can be tricky, and might be best left to a radio shop. I am sure some others  on the forum will let you know if they have done this. I know that these "name brand"radios are going to be more rugged than the GMRS-V1, and they will probably put out 4-5 watts.


I am very satisfied with the GMRS-V1,especially  with the price.

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Note: More power out the antenna equals more drain on the battery. So, even though a radio like the GMRS-V1 might only output 3 watts, if that is all you need for your uses then it is fine. Bigger is not necessarily better. In particular, if you are using a local repeater, less power is often a plus.

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