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Ritron is Awesome, but…



I just spent half an hour on the phone with Ritron's engineering department.  Found out a few interesting things!


Possibly the only hardware they got certified for GMRS was in Canada - the customer callbox, and the Jobcom base station.  They don't know if those certifications are valid in the US, but I'm going to encourage them to get some handhelds certified.


Their Liberty Repeater IS certified, and the guy who "owns" that project clocks out at 3:30.  Four minutes before, and I'd have gotten to talk to him today, but as it stands I'll talk to him tomorrow.  I'm interested in how the heck one hooks up a linear amp to one to bring it back up to 50 watts from two to five.  Depending on what they can do with the duplexer, it may be my turnkey option of choice.


The DTX telemetry radios and the base station do not, contrary to popular belief, share any hardware.


… But they don't make any GMRS certified mobiles or handhelds.

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For the price of that you can get a way better repeater. I purchase Motorola MTR2000's in the 100W full duty cycle version for 600 all day on ebay and run them at 50W. We use 7 of them on our GMRS network, and I have 4 more in the garage looking for sites. You can not go wrong since these devices have been used on public safety and commercial trunking systems for years and are still in use today. Great equipment for the money.

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