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This radio came up in my search today.




I have never heard of it.




After a little more searching, it looks real similar to the TYT GMRS radio. Found it in stock for a ridiculous price.




Doesn't seem to be much better than what Rugged radios is offering.


And I can't find the FCC ID for it.

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So basically TYT is selling the radio to various vendors such as Rugged Radio and Daystar and giving those companies permission to put their own sticker on it?


Not so much giving them permission, but selling them the rights via licensing agreements to re-brand existing units...


...or even acting as a contracted manufacturer for the RR or Daystar brands, not at all unlike back in the 1970s when Cybernet was the manufacturer for CB radios for over 100 different brands like Midland, Hy-Gain, Kraco, Formac, GE, J.C. Penny... the list goes on.

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I am looking at that. I am always searching as well. It's just the way my brain works. Until I actually purchase something. Problem is that I don't have a blank check to buy everything I want at any given time. So I plan and budget for everything. That ends up with a lot of time in between to over search and over analyze stuff.

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I wonder who gave them the "rights" to advertise it as a "Made in the USA" radio??


Good question.


If they buy the boards from over-seas, and buy the cases from over-seas, and buy the microphones from over-seas, but assemble it all here, then they have the right to say "Designed and Assembled in the USA", but there is a certain percentage of the product itself that must originate from the USA before it can legally say "Made in the USA". (I do not know what that percentage is.)




My ex-wife's family is in the industrial electrical manufacturing industry, but they use some Chinese sub-assemblies, which means that on certain models offered by their company, they cannot say "Made in..." or use the little Red White and Blue stickers from the US Chamber of Commerce.  Other models, they can and do make the USA claim.

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