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    The OP provided no information that would even remotely hint at a cause for the problem. Suggesting that it simply needs alignment is disingenuous at best. The radio needs to be evaluated by a competent tech. Once the problem is determined, the appropriate repair can be applied. Let’s give people good advice.
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    It’s just not possible to troubleshoot that problem via long distance and in a forum devoted to a specific radio service that is not normally used by EMS. There are too many reasons that can cause the radio to not receive and most of them are not easily identified without physically examining the unit It would best for a qualified radio tech to examine the radio and its installation in your ambulance. Given the critical nature of your mission, you should have a properly trained tech fixing your radio.
  3. Good catch and a great fix! I suggest a light coating of dielectric silicone grease as well. The O-ring will slip into place easier and it’ll prevent corrosion. I put on the threads and center contact, too.
  4. Your PM400s can be setup with front panel selectable TPL or DPL (but not both) which will depend on what’s commonly in use in your area. I run a PM400 in my truck for GMRS and am totally happy with it. With any of these radios, adding an external loudspeaker greatly improves the receive audio to your ear. I keep several on hand, all Motorola, of course.
  5. Depending in your local codes, 35’ may be close to the max allowed. My village is 40’. Before spending any money on a taller tower, I’d use the 35’ one first and study the results. Get decent coax and connectors, too.
  6. Foil HVAC tape available at any hardware or home improvement store. Sticks like crazy, handles weather just fine, and electrically conductive. Like JohnE says, great for ground plane on fiberglass or other non-conductive surfaces. I used to patch a slightly over-size antenna mount hole on an aluminum roofed utility trailer. Still going strong many years later.
  7. And the batboard has plenty of info on a wide variety of Motorola gear.
  8. Exactly! When I travel from just west of Amsterdam to Rochester on I-90, I scan 1-7 and 15-22 CSQ. I might hear some flaggers briefly but even that is rare.
  9. Jim, Even with a decent quality connector, the mini-UHFs can be ornery. If it doesn’t want to stay snug, do this: Hand tighten the knob, being sure the little tabs are properly seated in their detents. You may have to hold it in place. Then GENTLY snug the knob with gas pliers just a bit, maybe a sixteenth to an eighth of a turn, no more.
  10. Chassis! Modern vehicles have sensors linked to the PCM or BCM on the battery ground side. Use a factory grounding point on the body/chassis. There should be one or more near the battery. They’re easy to spot.
  11. And, the ground side of the antenna’s coax is grounded to the radio itself.
  12. Ground plane needs to be 1/4 wave length in all directions. For GMRS, that is a 6” radius around the base of the antenna. You can have just east/west and north/south radials like a base antenna but for a vehicle it’s more practical to use a disc of metal. I won’t get into the resale argument over the drilling the hole since your mind is clearly made up. But I do wonder where you’re going to find double-sided tape that is both weatherproof and 70+ mph rated.
  13. Nope. Does not exist. Vanity calls are unique to amateur radio.
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