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  1. Hi guys, I'd still consider myself new to GMRS and having a blast every time I'm able to jump on and work a repeater or just make a contact while scanning the frequencies. I'd like to partisapate in my assigned NET but nothing is connected as of yet in Michigan. Does anyone know if the Midwest NET is tied in to Zillo that I might be able to participate that way? Any help would be much appreciated and thank you in advance... Rob (in Michigan)
  2. Sounds about right, the ones that can actually afford to change don't have to be inconvenienced... It also doesn't mean I have to change anything either correct? If I want to use the frequency its my right... Or do I play nice with others and just pick a different one? I'm a little torn on that to be honest...
  3. I know... A major university with way deeper pockets then most. They could justify and spend $50,000 on a system of their own and no one would bat an eye..
  4. 462.600 is that FRS? I can look it up... I'm just trying to educate myself as I go too...
  5. I'm very new to GMRS so if I'm not seeing something please let me know... I recently put up a repeater and, while monitoring the frequency, keep hearing business type radio traffic. I jump on my non repeater, non PL tone, GMRS radio and, with proper call sign, do a radio test to get a response to figure out who is using GMRS for business use. I'm to far away for a hand held but now know its traffic from either building maintenance or the student security used through campus at a university near by. I still need to confirm this the next time I'm closer to campus but if thats the case, my understanding is GMRS is not intended for business purposes espashally if they are not identifying with a call sign. Being a federal funded public university I'm surprised they are using GMRS and potentially in violation. I don't feel policing this is on my shoulders but I do feel if a violation is happening I do have the obligation to report. Am I correct in any of the above? Thsbk you in advance, your guidance is much appreciated...
  6. WOW!!! Thank you so, so much!!! You guys absolutely ROCK!!! That is the information I've been looking high and low to find!!! This controller interface seemed super simple but I was just missing a couple key things to have a handel on my set up... The worksheet in the manual I downloaded is truly the pot of gold for sure!!! My radios arrive tomorrow and everything else is purchased and in place... Hopefully I'm ready for some "plug and play" action!!! (Wishful thinking maybe... lol)
  7. Hi Guys, New to GMRS and had a BLAST chatting with a great group of guys in the Traverse City, MI area. First exposure to using a repeater and have been inspired to put one up in Michigan's State Capital City... Its going to be two Motorola Radius M1225 radios and my antenna will be about 45 feet off the ground to start. (Possibly 80 feet in the near future) I'm having trouble finding a good source of how to set up the dip switches to get these radios to talk to each other and play nice... I've exhausted YouTube and many, many blogs... Does anyone have first hand knowledge of how to set the controller up or point me in a direction that will help? Please and thank you in advance for your willingness to help and your effort as well... Rob, in Michigan
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