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Motorola M1225


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I am looking at some Motorola M1225 radios on E-bay. I can get programmed and in my hands for $147 each. Are there any pro's or con's about this model? 20 Channels and 40 watts.



Tons of radios listed on E-bay. I also found some Vertex and many other models of Motorola. Just not as familiar as I as 20 years ago.

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The M1225 is a solid performer. If that price is for a complete working radio - with mic, bracket, and possibly even a power cord, you're doing all right.


Pro's? Proven reliable, easy to program, simple interface. Good audio, 16 pin option connector (lots of standard accessories like external speakers, etc.) & Part 95 type accepted.


Con's?  The receiver can get overloaded in high RF environments (Mine used to break squelch on it's own if I drove up to a hillside transmitter we operated - near to 3 other towers loaded with transmitters). Only other con I can think of - Motorola stopped making them & they're no longer supported.

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