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Trouble getting license


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I have a friend (about 1k miles away) who has been unsuccessful making an on-line payment with the FCC to get his GMRS license.


As background he has a ham ticket and is very computer smart.


When asked for payment, he is taken to a screen that appears to ask for too much unusual information (beyond just normal info for on-line payments).


He prefers to pay on-line versus by mailing a check.


He has tried different PCs, but same issue. 


Has anyone encountered this?


Thanks and 73s.




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He told me the questions were of a personal nature, not what one would be asked when making a payment on-line. he said he felt it was very suspicious. That is all I know.

Yes you need to be careful things like this website like this can be spoofed by people who wants your info to do bad things. The main thing is your identity.



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