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question about Transmit/Receive PL Tones/CTSS/CG, etc



if I am listening to an FRS channel and I hear my neighbors talking, but they are using a "tone" so that they dont hear me, is that a Transmit tone, or a Receiving tone that is blocking them from hearing me?

So.. if I am listening to them and I want to use my radio to scan for their tone to program it into my radio so they can hear me, what am i scanning for? R-CTSS or T-CTSS ?



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It sounds like they have a tone set on both transmit and receive.


For you to join their conversations all radios must be programmed with the same tomes.


I think your radio doesn't have any tones enabled, so you can hear everything. Neighbors probably have both transmit and receive programmed.


Without knowing make/model of all radios involved I can't help with second half of your question.

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An easier solution would be to just ask the neighbor what tones are being used. They could tell you if they are using the same tone for RX/TX, or if its a split tone for a repeater (Ex, 141.3 RX 67.5 TX) Some people use a split tone to prevent unauthorized access to the repeater itself.

Well that would be too easy, and take all the challenge out of it.. besides, I think that most people using these little hand-held bubble-wrap radios would have absolutely no clue what a tone is..

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