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I have about 12" here, but gone today with the rain and the 50+ degree temps.  I had a very bizarre weather weak.  I set out from NY to Cleveland on New Years Day to take my wife to see her mother.  Drove all of Route 80 in a light snow.  Got to Cleveland and it snowed for two days.   Home got pounced on with the above 12" and I drove back on Saturday like it never happened.   Now I wake up today and it's 58 degrees gonna go down to 7 overnight.   Never in my life have I seen a temperature swing of 50 degrees in one day.  I never thought it was even possible.  I am staying home tomorrow. 


BTW Cleveland needs a good GMRS repeater.  The Parma625 machine was not up and running.  

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Haven't received any snow in the past week here in Wisconsin, but we have 16 inches on the level with drifting in places to 4 feet.


I haven't been here for a few days because the 21 degree below zero temp's with minus 55 degree wind chill knocked the cable system off for 3 days.


I wanted to set up my new Dell Inspirion Windows 8 laptop and had to wait until I had internet back today.


It's up to +6 degrees here at the moment and another night of near 20 degrees below zero again, but it's supposed to be 33 degrees ABOVE zero this weekend... Golfing Weather !!

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58 inches winter total thus far here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin with 29 inches on the ground at the moment.  (compacted because of the weight).


John - just think of it this way... in another 4500 years, the glacier cycle will be moving south again, covering  up Al Gore's "Global Warming Speech Tour Bus"  with a mile thick covering of glacial ice.  ;)

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