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  1. JohnE

    Duplexer help

    that programing will not work 462.xxxx/467.xxxx is how it should be programed. concur w/Radioguy7268 also
  2. I will post this again as it is universal to all RF dB loss power loss in % 0.5 10 100W in 90W out 1.0 20 1.5 30 2.0 37 2.5 44 3.0 50 3.5 56 4.0 60 flat packs tune for Notch/Notch ----\___/----\___/----and should never be tuned W/power typical loss for the ones I use are 1.5 or less most ~1.
  3. advertised loss is 2dB so you should be seeing 27-29 W out of it based on the 42 you are seeing out of the radio.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Nashua-Multi-Purpose-Length-Width-Aluminum/dp/B002EX855S also available at home depot use it all the time to make ground planes in fiberglass vehicles.
  5. the "pulse" can be turned off on some controllers.
  6. that is why I did it
  7. LTR falls w/in the rules as far as sub audible tone goes, its no different than tone/DCS as it is under 300 cycles. now doing multiple machines linked together as a system is another story. W/8 channels so close in frequency each machine would have to have its own filters and antennas if it were done at a single site. you would have to have some really heavy use to warrant that kind of set up. in LTR there is a home rptr # ,area bit, and the encode/decode data. all the steering is done by the controller. did this yrs ago when I had some trolls playing w/my machine a little too much. I made it switchable form conventional to LTR over the air.
  8. KPG 49 > 880 KPG 89 >8180 I suggest you read the radio first 8102 > KPG 70D 8160 > KPG 99D all of these "should" run in Win 10.
  9. I have found radio mobile to be pretty accurate once you dial it in correctly.
  10. I would run a propagation map to see what it will take to achieve that and if it can be before pushing any higher
  11. forget the rick http://domtoren.com/990/Bi-_or_Uni-directional_Repeater_cable_for_CDM_type_radios.pdf
  12. https://mygmrs.com/map/#/
  13. Yes, absolutely change the cable. 400 is not capable of handling a strike. If it were 1/2" or 7/8" hard line I would say give it a go. ground the pipe and get yourself a poly phaser to at least give you some protection. https://www.polyphaser.com/search?Rfpssp99app=LMR%2FVHF&Rfpssp99con1gender=Female&Rfpssp99con1series=N&Rfpssp99con2gender=Female&Rfpssp99con2series=N&sort=y&Category=RF+Surge+Protectors&Rfpssp99minfreq=125&initial_sort=Sortsku:ASC&res_per_page=48&view_type=grid just my thoughts
  14. a little light reading https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/Lands_ROW_Motorola_R56_2005_manual.pdf note: this is from 05 , there have been updates
  15. you can turn them up but be aware that a lot of the used radios can be a little "soft" after yrs of service already. the pins on the brick sometimes need to be "touched up" w/an iron as they get heat fatigued. just an FYI
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