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  1. I have posed this question not knowing if its allowable to transmit on repeater output and or input frequencies in simplex. I would prefer to use as little power as needed to make the trip. But if needed are there frequencies I can transmit simplex on full power ? Even if I use different PL tones or no tones , as to not directly interfere (transmit) over the repeater, would GMRS users monitoring repeater frequencies here me. Or do most people use a TSQL to only here repeater transmissions ? Even if all repeater users used a TSQL, could me being on the freq. still cause interference ? Also, I guess it would be best for me to pick a freq. that isnt used by a repeater close to me. thanks wrms528
  2. Lscott, Thanks for the detailed explanation. According to the FCC ID on the radio, it looks like part 95 as you said . So is the type 1 or 2 from the specifications on Kenwood manual, as my radio doesn't state TK-8180 K 1 or 2.
  3. OK, thanks guys, I will try the KGP-89D software using the TK-8180 (no suffix) dropdown option. Since I first posted this question, I read that the "K" suffix models are narrow band only. Hopefully this is not the case or is reprogramable. As I want to use on repeater frequencies , which if I understand correctly need to be wide band . ? Thanks, WRMS528
  4. I have previously posted as a guest on this forum, but now have my license , so I joined. I have searched through a lot of threads on this forum, as well as many other resources on the internet. Including Kenwood field service manuals & other PDFs from Kenwood & info on official dealer sites, & sites selling Kenwood software. I keep getting incomplete information. Everything seems to list TK-8180 & no "letter" suffix and other variants of the 8180 such as "H". But can't find for the TK-8180 K. Some sources have said KPG-89D , but when I open the software & go to pick a model at the top tab. It gives me a drop down (pic attached) with several specific 8180 models, but not for the "K" model. Some people have told me to just use the option with 8180 & no letter, but that sounds like a long shot to me. I saw somewhere that the is a KPG-89DK software, but I could not confirm which models this is used for. Is there a dependable & complete list of which software goes with which Kenwood somewhere? As, I have 3 different Kenwood mobile models (8180,8102,8160)s which I eventually want to program. Also when I figure out which software I need. Is there a good source / site to be able to download from safely. Also do I need to check / update the firmware in the radio before programming? I have Windows 10. I have read the TK-8180s can be programed on Windows 10. Thanks, WRMS528
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