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On a GMRS V1 can the channels 31 and above be used for Repeator channels



So as a newbie I have a question on the addition of repeater channels. Going across my state of WA or anywhere actually where a repeater channel is say 70 miles from another repeater with the same frequency say 462.6250 but with a different tone can I use say channel 35 for one of the repeators so I do not have to pull over and reprogram my GMRS V1? I hope this makes sense. Thanks Mike WRFF390

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Someone with more recent experience can correct me... However, I believe the GMRS V1, at least the early versions, only provides 8 repeater capable "channels" (actually memory locations). So, you could program the same frequency into 2 of those locations, each one with a different PL. Then you would just switch "channels" as you traveled.

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