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Baofeng radio omit CW message?


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Hey guys,


Is it possible to program a Baofeng (I use Chirp) to *NOT* constantly play the CW message ID from commercial repeaters?  I have all Kenwood equipment (NX800 and NX300) for the most part and when you set PL tones for the local repeaters in them it will *NOT* beep out the Morris Code as it doesn't respond to it because the CW messages from the repeaters are sent without any PL tone.


In the instance of the Baofengs it seems like there is no way to "ignore" these non-PL toned up CW messages?  Am I missing a simple checkbox/setting somewhere in my chirp program?  FYI as well that let's say I tune to 462.700 and I have the PL tones for a public repeater; if a blister pack user is using channel 21 my Baofeng picks that up too VS my Kenwood ignores it

Yes, I know that Baofengs are junk compared to my Kenwood stuff but I still have 2 of them (UV-82HP) I use for simple testing and I would like to use them if I can for said testing.




P.S. Yes, I know that if the repeater is sending out CW messages as the same PL tone as the primary channel then even the Kenwoods would "hear" it.  In these instances we're talking about CW messages that are being transmitted without PL tones.

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