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Simplex Repeaters



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Hi, Andrew and welcome to the Forum.


That has been discussed here in the past and there doesn't seem to be a defined answer as yet. The rules seem to be very vague and this situation does not seem to have been specifically addressed in any great detail by the Commission.


You may wish to go over data in the following thread:




Also, you can refer to Part 95.29 - There are no mandatory stipulations there regarding the use of ONLY split frequency repeaters. Again, the rules for GMRS in general are all but clear as compared to Part 90 wording.


Other members - please weigh in regarding the question.

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I used to have one. If you use an "output" freq (462) for it, it seems to be within the rules, or should I say, it doesn't seem to break any. (You could use 467 in and 462 out like a regular repeater, so I mean just don't use 467 out, as simplex on an "input" freq is not allowed.) Using 462 in and out bring up some interesting idea's with PL and such, and being able to use the same freq with or without it for testing, etc. Which is what I primarily did. 


I had a Motorola mobile doing 50 watts setup with a 3dB antenna about 50 feet on my tower, below my regular repeater antenna (a 10dB stick), and I used a dedicated (old) Dell computer with Echo Station to run it. They become clunky to really use, you tend to get impatient always waiting for your traffic to repeat, then their reply, etc. But, I found it handy for range testing, and experimentation. 

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i'm also considering one of those ads-sr1 simplex repeaters, just to do a quick setup for doing range checking around my local area.


the question i have is how do i program the darn thing if i do not have dtmf keypad on my radio.  i guess the answer is 'go buy one'!


it is interesting, living on the side but not top of a hill, how going up one more storey in my house can reach repeaters quite a distance away.

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