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AT-N2RS NMO Antenna



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I know nothing about that antenna. However, I can tell you two things for certain.


#1. Antenna gain (the apparent strength of your signal at some arbitrary point) will almost always be a function of the antenna length. Shorter antennas generally give less perceived gain.

#2. The antenna you linked to is a dual-band antenna with a broad UHF coverage and is not specifically designed for GMRS. So, performance, especially on repeaters, may be less than perfect.


Based on the 2 points above I would not expect great GMRS performance from this antenna. However, if you are only working a local, well situated, repeater and want an unobtrusive antenna, this might work well for you. Especially if you think you might run a VHF radio at some point.

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I have a buddy who got one like this, not your exact model because his had a PL-259 type base, to use on his Jeep. I ran an SWR scan test on it using a RigExpert AA-1000 antenna analyzer.




Looking back over the test results I got the following SWR measurements:




144 MHz - 1.52:1

145.5 MHz - 2.10:1




430 MHz to 456 MHz - under 1.6:1

462 MHz - 2.3:

467 MHz - 1.8:1


The last two cover the GMRS band. As you can see the measurements are not that good. On VHF, well unless you're operating on a fixed frequency in the range above, forget it.


The antenna he got was most likely some Chinese design he purchased from an Amazon source. So from a quality point who knows.


Yours might work better. I would most definitely test it before running any significant power out of a connected radio. 

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