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Can't seem to connect to repeater



I'm trying to access this repeater:



I have the B-Tech GMRS-V1 and do the following:

Turn to channel 26, which is the repeater channel for 18. 462.625.


I input 141.3 under both R-CTCS and R-CTCS.


I verify SFT-D is set to plus +.


I try to key up but can't hear anything on my other radio. I do hear all day long many others talking on this channel.


What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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T-CTCS -Transmitter CTCSSOFF [0] | see CTCSS Table in Appendix CTransmits a specific and continuous sub-audible signal to unlock the squelch of a distant receiver (usually a repeater).


SFT-D -Frequency Shift DirectionOFF [0]: TX = RX (simplex) + [1]: TX will be shifted higher in frequency than RX -[2]: TX will be shifted lower in frequency than RXUNUSED SETTING in GMRS-V1Enables access of repeatersin VFO/Frequency Mode

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I appreciate the reply but I don't understand what you're trying to say.

You should have RX CTCSS and TX CTCSS, you said your R-CTCS is set to 141.3 Check that the T-CTCS is 141.3 as well (This is the more important code as the repeater looks for this)


As for SFT, check it is set for 1 which allows the radio to switch to the 467 frequency when you key up.

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