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Just FYI on used radios up for auction


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Here's a link to a website that auctions off police items and stuff not claimed from its evidence inventories. I learned about it when I was assigned a story on it a bunch of years ago and I've monitored it since. 




I'm pretty sure these HTs are not certified, and Lord knows if they can be reprogrammed anyway.


But I've had some decent luck with the website in bidding on carefully selected gear and at least the profits go to law enforcement departments. So I thought I'd post it.


If you bid on this I'm dying to know what you'll do with that many HTs and if you figure out programming. 

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Thank you for the info...PropertyRoom is an interesting site, though. I picked up a hodge-podge of radios cheap there about two months ago and in a mix of Icom f21s HTs (walkies) I received what looks to be a brand spanking new Motorola XTN XU1100 collecting dust on my desk. That's one of the drawbacks, plus they've entered into an agreement with some electronics vendor that lists new Baofeng's and clones. With shipping you wind up paying more than from a regular retail outlet. Right now I'm lurking in hopes of finding a working E.F. Johnson model I'm sentimental about. With all the expertise that gathers here I thought maybe a few folks might spot something they like a lot, pick it up cheap and breathe new life into it. 

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4740, and before you ask, my parents saved hard to get me one of those years ago....the one they purchased got trashed in a divorce (don't ask), unfortunately. Yeah, it's old CB and not really antique, but I'm not willing to pay the crazy prices I'm seeing for models that even have a prayer of working. If I was rich it would be one thing, but even then it wouldn't be the same noisy rig that prompted my mom to yell from the kitchen almost nightly, "Turn that thing down." Nostalgia's expensive. Thank you for the tip on OfferUp. I've never heard of it but I'll take a look. I sure hope you have a glorious day, dang it, and a safe one, too.

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