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  1. Welcome to the group and GMRS. I'm over in Raeford, NC, and it's crickets chirping here, too, which is OK. The only repeater I can reach from my home is in South Carolina, and the person who owns it was kind enough to grant me permission. I think I used it twice, to talk to him....but it's there if needed after one of our frequent tropical storms/hurricanes. In your part of the state I think you have a lot more to choose from and sending a short and polite note usually works (at least it did in my case, indicating I wasn't interested in wearing his repeater out). I'd set up a time for us to connect on air, but the Uhwarries between us would make it impossible.
  2. All great advice, and I'm certainly no pro at GMRS, but I'll add the fact you should not be surprised by the relative silence on the channels compared to CB (and lack of annoying personalities). Don't expect skip to roll in, either. You'll love it much better than CB if you can convince some of your friends on that band (close enough) to get a GMRS license, though. Static-free conversations are a lot more relaxing on my old ears, anyway....and a quality handheld will fit in your tackle box, BTW. You'd have to leave some lures behind to cram a 4-watt CB version in, although if the crappie are biting that antenna is a good backup rod.
  3. You're right Mac Jack....my problem (OK, excuse) is lack of time. The only repeater I've secured permission to use (or asked for the privilege) is owned by a very thoughtful and decent person, in my estimation, and I'm pretty sure almost all of them are. The moment he learned my use was to stay in touch with the family when we're traveling by and during those annoying hurricanes he was eager and willing to let me log on.
  4. Sounds like it worked really well, that's for sure. No doubt an antenna outside the aircraft will help a ton. Keep up the good work youngster. I miss the good old days (which lasted for more than a decade) I was doing it.
  5. My wife keeps threatening to send me back to the doctor to get my body recalibrated. I thought she was kidding until I read this thread. I apologize because without consistency in testing the results are meaningless. So your term's precise and correct. I do however, hope my note gifts you a chuckle today. Not many of those going around these days.
  6. The lack of repeaters in the Raleigh metro area shocked me, too. I'm down south of Fayetteville in NC and on a good day with the wind at my back can hit one in South Carolina...with my base station, barely. I'm heading up to RDU tomorrow and it would be nice to hit a repeater on my way up, that's for sure (and all the times I drive by with my camper/trailer). Good luck, dang it.
  7. Well, I still don't know if you're in TX or NC, so I'll leave my base station monitoring Ch. 7 this morning. Hope you have a wonderful flight and lots of contacts.
  8. I'm in Fayetteville, NC....I apologize that I didn't include that. If you're in TX and we connected there would be a UFO involved, worm hole, black hole, quantum entanglement....
  9. If you need someone near Fayetteville to try to reach you on the 15th let me know. I was part of the Mountain Rescue Association in another life, and certainly am willing to try and help is needed.
  10. Sounds like you're good to go, but if you're really worried you might consider arriving just a few minutes earlier than usual for your flight. Sometimes my work requires I travel with firearms, and it's no problem in checked luggage when packed according to TSA and airline rules (Yes, some LE get to carry on the plane, but I'm not an officer). But an occasional agent who doesn't know the precise rules when you check in and declare the unloaded firearm in the bag will stall things a couple minutes. Just inexperience on their end and other staff or a manager clear up the confusion fast. I also carry a minimum of three radio transceivers for my camera and flashes. They are old-school units most people would be hard pressed to think were for photography, with rubber ducky antennas sticking out. Never, ever have they been hand inspected or even taken out of my carry on (and it wasn't long ago they were going on a minimum of four flights a month). Considering the amount of criticism TSA and airlines staff gets, to their face, I think most of them do a great job...so I'm with one of the posts above. Toss it in your carry-on, let them run it through the scanner and I'm really sure you're good. In fact I flew with those transceivers two weeks ago and no TSA eyebrows were raised at all. Spare lithium batteries in carry-on is a different subject, though. Travel safe and let us know how it turns out. I think you're going to be pleased.
  11. Man, I just looked at your sequence of letters...you win in the painful category.
  12. I think it's worth a try. Keep us posted. I know the letter sequence in my call sign is clunky.
  13. First and foremost, a hearty thank you goes out to you and all Weather Spotters. Please let everyone in your group know they are helping people and ultimately saving lives. I'm not qualified to address legality, so I won't. I will however make the observation that even needing to inquire indicates that there's not enough effort being made to educate folks on the need to stay up to date on weather conditions and to have the gear on hand to do so quickly. The delay while a network waits to break in between putts is dangerous. Good luck if glued to cable and I had personal experience this week that cell phone notifications are not reliable. Bear with this sarcastic statement about society today: It's about time the weather service hired an attractive young female influencer with revealing wardrobe and a muscular young man who's never owned a shirt to launch a social media campaign to promote weather radio ownership and use. On the other hand, that temporary violation of personal ethics could save a life or two.
  14. I checked the FCC search engine. Today the license number stands at 100,320 (current GMRS licenses). Sorry, there's this reporter in me that double checks things for no plausible reason. The FCC media person couldn't provide historical figures. I guess they don't keep track by service, or at least don't for GMRS (code ZA if you're interested in doing a search on the website). It would be interesting to compare today's total to one, two and three years ago. Would make for an interesting article, especially if there was a significant spike as news of the pandemic spread. I bet ARRL has figures for ham licenses for the period.
  15. It's nice to learn about decent folks today. My recent service and retail encounters have been literal nightmares....so thank you for posting something to raise my spirits. My next purchase will be through Buy Two Way Radios, just because it's the only way to propagate decent behavior.
  16. According to the web page, "Sure, there are the standard features of GMRS handheld transceivers, such as channel scan, timeout timer, roger beep, button beeps and VOX, but that's just to be expected. Where The KG-905G really outclasses the competition is in its more advanced functionality."
  17. Plus, hams down on the longer wavelength bands (lower frequencies) routinely talk across the globe without Internet intervention.
  18. Where was the JJUWarie event? Uhwarrie by chance?
  19. I just have to say awesome, awesome comments and thread to all of you. Very informative, sharing info I didn't think of and so friendly, Once again I had to double check I was really reading an Internet forum. And unless I'm mistaken (which I've been many times before and likely a lot in the future) Jeep Jamboree was ditching CB for GMRS in 2020, not 2021. Boy I wish every place on the web breathed life and pleasure into a subject, like what's happening here, instead of choking it to death with hostility. And Guest_Bryan you can get your GMRS license without owning a radio, to answer your question.
  20. Wow. That's awesome...now I can hook up my son in Arizona, which has enough repeaters that my North Carolina should be jealous.
  21. I'll issue a pre-emptive welcome to GMRS. It's a great community, especially here. Hopefully you'll get your license soon. I have a 27-foot Forest River Wildwood and always use my handheld GMRS units for several reasons when camping, but not for the reasons you stated (or at least I haven't done so yet). My wife lets me know I'm screwing up when backing into a site with the radio. A few feet makes a huge difference as you know and by the time I hear her shouting or she dials a phone a tree could be in the trailer living room. I also take a lot of photos in some remote regions after nightfall and before dawn. A two-way is the ideal solution if an emergency arises, assuming I haven't ventured too far. When we caravan with the son-in-law radio beats even bluetoothed phones in the trucks because it's faster if you need to alert the person behind or in front of you. There's something of an official GMRS channel for roadside emergencies, I think Ch. 20, but I'm confident someone here will clarify or confirm. I also contact owners of repeaters near where we are camping to secure permission to use their repeater in an emergency. As you know, cell phone service stinks at some campsites, but if someone has a repeater on a mountain nearby you can punch a signal out to summon help. That's critical in my case because my daughter is a quadriplegic and the first trip with our trailer the state park locked the gate at 8 p.m. and there was no cell service. We were instructed to drive to the check in station in an emergency and use an outside landline to call 911 in an emergency....when sometimes it's not prudent to abandon the victim, even temporarily. I think your idea is great, though and I'd sure be game to help start a trend (although I have my doubts with Smartphone addiction today). The traffic/weather report idea, though, is sort of like truckers with CBs. There's some propagation differences that shorten most transmissions, but there's also none of the trash talking on GMRS...well, exponentially less anyway. So have you posed your question on any RV/trailer groups? If not I'll post it on the Forest River groups I belong to. Not sure if the admins will delete it, but I'm sure interested.
  22. Here's an interesting question (at least to me). Law enforcement cites the increasing number of criminals who use two ways and scans police bands during their crimes, mostly burglary, robber and drug related I surmise as part of the encryption rationale. Yet, I receive the DOJ news releases (dozens) from each office on Friday and have never, ever, seen a charge related to the use of a radio during the commission of a crime. It's illegal, but has anyone ever seen someone actually charged with the offense? You'd think it would be automatically piled onto all the other charges (in typical fashion) to make the defendant more agreeable to taking a plea. Maybe the FCC notice was a reminder to law enforcement, too.
  23. I have a 50x1 and it will not transmit on firs frequencies. Yours might be different though. Part of the certification by fcc, I surmise due to what I understand is a rule that firs radios are not supposed to be able to connect to an external antenna. Obviously the radio in your truck can attach to an external. You should be able to hear the hts though. If not go to the menu on that channel and turn off Ctcss and dcs on that frequency (on the truck radio). If that fails you might be so close that the signal is overloading the receiver. Have someone try from a distance away. Also turn down the power in the handheld. The squelch in the 50x1 might also be dialed way up. That is adjusted in the menu too. I apologize for the typos. I’m stuck on my iPad and miss my real keyboard. Let me know if you figure it out. There’s a lot more expertise here and I suspect they’ll chime in soon.
  24. I'll add a warm welcome to this growing fraternity. Thankfully there's no hazing involved. The channels around me seemed pretty silent when I first got my license, too. But with some patience and a lot of leaving the radio run in my home office, I've connected with a few folks. And don't be shy about asking permission to use a repeater you find listed here. In my limited experience most who run them are extremely helpful.
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