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  1. Does anyone know about the Part 95 legality of re-transmitting NOAA and NWS alerts over a repeater? My Weather Spotters group would like to do this, if it's legal.
  2. I have been an Amateur for 20 years and had a 70 cm repeater up until lightning took it out. I have 3 GMRS repeaters. I only require permission for one reason. I want to verify a valid license for the user. I've never denied anyone permission to use any of them. I do restrict one of them to Emergency use or roadside assistance because it is an older machine, and keeping traffic on it low to make it last longer. I only want to know something about my users, and verify a valid license. With the proliferation of the Chinese dual banders, anyone with $40 can access my machines and make up a call. I've seen this happen on amateur repeaters. Call me cautious.
  3. Have any repeater owners had to provide liability insurance for access to a repeater site? Where does one go to obtain this kind of insurance? Anyone who has any input here, I would appreciate it.
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