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  1. Thank you very much will be off working for a bit will get intuch win i get back thank you very much
  2. Is there a way on chirp to program my 905 only have a mac don’t have a windows unit
  3. could be I'm sorry it did not work for you .I went back to 816 it worked but kg-uvd1p did too I will stay with 816 would not won't mess up nothing .An would not won't anyone else to do so either. thank you very much for all the help . I have been going through a very bad time in my life GMRS an all the people have been a great uplift in my life
  4. MAC JACK I did the same thing with two 805g put in all the names and the feq changed it two or three times to critic it the way I liked it .Tried both radios they worked well no problems. KG-UVD1P WORKED WELL.
  5. HEY MAC JACK I put the upload and download on radio KG-UVD1P .I Could add feq and names better than on 816 .816 would not let me add feq .If I put in feq 462. It would change it to 142 . went to KG-UVD1P and all worked well .Dont why just did .
  6. Thank you I will try that MAC JACK
  7. Downloaded the new chirp software for Mac .Have a 805 set it to 816 as always the numbers read CH--001 an so on.can not add names . Can any body please help me.
  8. how do you download chirp onto your Mac
  9. I'm sorry MACJACK got busy lots of bad weather I need the 805 for the MAC .Thank you very much
  10. hey MAC JACK sounds good send it on terrylittle74@yahoo.com
  11. Just a shoutout to all the people at BUY TWO WAY RADIO had a problem with my 905g .they did me right sending me a new radio when they get in stock .Could not ask for better service from anyone .I will tell every body .
  12. Thank you MacJack I don’t have a programming cable very new at this two way told me send it back.I hope to get more educated on all this .Thanks to everyone for the great post an the help
  13. I think so I’m calling buy two way tomorrow
  14. It shows signal strength but no sound not even the beep
  15. The radio has no sound everything else is fine an the volume is all the way up
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