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what is the max characters field for passwords?


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Logan5 - I wish I knew. That's in the Administrative Control Panel protocols and only Rich D. can get in there to check the character count limits in the software.  Again, the best way to reach Rich is through the main MyGMRS website 'Contact Us' patch or click on his name at the bottom of the main page and use the alternate contact form in there.


Wish I had the answer for you.   :unsure:

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I'm really going off of memory here, so don't yell at me if I'm wrong ( :lol: ), but I think it's 255 characters. Try anything you want up to that length, and if you break your account for some reason, just let me know and I'll manually fix it for you. You won't do any permanent harm if you try something that long. If it lets you enter MORE than 255 characters, it should only store the first 255 of whatever entered.


Hope that helps!

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