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New Log-In Security window


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When Rich was doing forum maintenance May 26, he activated the secure connection info window so members know that if they are using a wireless device or router, that log-in data could be compromised by someone in your immediate area. This can happen in libraries, coffee shops and hotels to name a few.  This is for info only. Thank you.



MyGMRS Staff






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This was a bit of a mixup. There should not be a warning anymore, as I've reinstated SSL (secure) connections to the forum. Logins should be encrypted once again.


For the more web admin-savvy users, here's the gist of the story. The maintenance caused an issue with the administrator panel, whereby enabling SSL would create an infinite redirect loop. Without the admin panel, I couldn't undo the setting even if I manually went into the database to toggle the setting back. I eventually had to reinstall the forum software and reimport all the data causing a lengthly downtime.


So now we should have SSL working as before, the admin panel is working for me (hooray!) and the bug with resetting your password for the forum has been fixed. Apparently the reCAPTCHA form was not showing over SSL, so you could never bypass the CAPTCHA prompt. My apologies if users have tried to bring this up to me in the past and didn't specify that it was a forums issue. Typically I presume bug reports are related to the main site unless you specifically mention that it is a forums issue.


At any rate, thanks for your patience. If you notice any issues, please post on the board or feel free to contact me via email.

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