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Repeater use requests


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I've found a few repeater listings in my geographical area but some have no way to contact the owner/trustee. I've noted that some listings have a "Request Access" link while others don't. Further, there are no e-mail addresses, etc. associated with the repeater. Is this a glitch of some sort? It seems that if an repeater owner wanted to remain private, he or she wouldn't be listing on a website. 

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     Our repeaters in the Black Swamp area are permission only but he only does that to make sure he can check on licensing.  Other than that he welcomes anybody legal to use it so we can talk to more than the 12 registered users that we have on here now.  We also love band openings.  I believe WQTU240 has all his info on here because he has had multiple people request to use this repeater.



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If you click on the repeater owner's username, you should be taken to a page that shows his profile, and his email address should be visible if you're logged into the site. See if this works for you to get in touch.


It can be counterproductive if a repeater owner chooses not to allow members request access via that button, but I presume that they are either getting spammed via this link or just a lot of users requesting permission needlessly. For instance, my repeater in Green Brook, NJ is listed as open, yet people will still contact me for permission (which is fine, but I would rather them go ahead and use it without me being the bottleneck).


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, PastorGary, I haven't logged onto the forums in a while and didn't see this until now.





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    Thank you for your response. I've included an example below. It is the link to the specific repeater listing. It has no "Request Access" link. Further, when I double click on the owners name, I do see his profile but no e-mail address is listed. Is this an oversight of the owner in completing his profile? If so, I suppose I'll have to see if I can track him down outside of the mygmrs.com website. Also, I have seen notes on the site under the repeater link for open systems that state that the owner won't respond to requests as conditional permission has already been given.







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