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Midland GXT walkie talkies - preset channels ???



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This means those channels are preset, all you do is tell everyone "go to channel 25" and all of the radios will have the same settings and frequency and talk to one another, vs telling them "go to channel 16, CTCSS code 143.5" which some people may not understand.

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Channels 23 and above on the Midland GMRS handheld radios are nothing more than unchangeable preset combinations of GMRS/FRS frequency and squelch code (CTCSS/DCS). They are nothing more than a sales gimmick to make the public think the radio can do more than it really can (in the same misleading camp as their absurd range claim). I own many of those radios so I am speaking from experience. I truly wish they would just remove them from the radio. Now, if they were customizable, I might change my tune.


If you search the internet hard enough you fill find some charts that identify what the “real” channel and squelch code actually being used. Here is a list I have for the 10-year old version of their radios that I have. It may or may not have changed during that time.








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