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Remote Base Station





I am installing a base station which is connected to an antenna on my tower.  I wish to be able to control the base station from an adjacent building as well without the need for installing a second base station and antenna there.  Back in the day we used tone remotes to accomplish this.  These days I understand there are other options.  I do have an ethernet link between the two buildings via fiber.  The two buildings share the same internet service, but they are on different routers.  I would love to arrange a remote station via wired ethernet if possible.  Any suggestions on a method or recommended equipment?

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First question is what radio is it.

Doing remote control is not a big deal but it's not exactly cheap either.

The simplest way is using tone remote and desk sets. Desksets look like a phone but they are for connecting to radios.

You can do this over a single pair of wires, or run it through VOiP devices and run it on ethernet.


If you have routers at both sites the configuration is going to be a bit complex as the two devices will need to see each other. 


Kb2ZTX made comment about the MCD and RGU, which will work, but it says Motorola all over it and has the price to match.

There are other options that would be from Gaitronix or CPI.  In fact if done over IP, you could use Barrix 100 units and a local control deskset and eliminate the tone remote stuff all together but in limits the number of desksets you can have on the radio.  With tone remote it's up to 15 I believe.

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