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MXT115 repeater programming



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Mbrun is correct. The Midland micro mobile units have very limited custom capabilities. When one privacy code is selected, that’s what you get in and out. He is also correct about the MXT400 but there are only 7 frequency slots available to program split tone or custom frequencies. Midland makes great radios but they are also made to be as simple as possible. I recommend these to people that don’t want to learn anything about radios - just want them to work when they’re needed. For the rest of us, I recommend something else so you can make them work the way you want.

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These two posts were very helpful.

I recently gained a new GMRS license after having let my old one lapse for about 10 years.

Shopping for a new mobile GMRS radio, I was drawn to the Midlands, mostly due to their marketing and design. But also being a radio fan, I want something more flexible. So, I'll revert to looking at the Kenwood TK8180 or something in that line.

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My understanding is that Midland does not support this capability. Unofficially, they offer limited support for this capability on their MXT400 through the use of an external computer program, just not from its front panel.


I am not a MXT user, so I a passing along what I have picked up from other users of this forum. I am willing to stand corrected by an MXT115 owner.






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