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Dual Band Antenna for 151.625 and GMRS



Is there a dual band mobile antenna that can be tuned to work around 151MHZ and 460MHZ? Currently I am using a Baofeng UV-5R at the race tracks where I volunteer at for safety. They are using 151.625 for the track crew and also use the RACEceiver frequencies to talk to the Racers.


Right now using the stock antenna I can set the UV-5R to talk to the track crew on the A-channel and monitor the Raceceivers on the B-channel. I would like to have one UV-5R mounted to my dash with an external antenna mounted to the roof of my truck since some of the bigger tracks I tend to lose some quality on my handheld. Is there a way to make this possible or am I stuck with the stock handheld only option? I am really new to all of this and want to make sure its done correctly. Thank you for any help. 

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I run both MURS and GMRS.


I run the following:
Base Station: Comet GP-9NC Dual Band VHF/UHF 153-157/460-470MHz High Gain Radio Base Antenna
Mobile: Larsen NMO150/450/758 Mobile Antenna Tri-Band 150-165,450-470,700/800MHz
HT: TERA TR-505 with Stock Antenna

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