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How do I pay for my gmrs license?

Guest Lynn Hudak

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Guest Lynn Hudak

I have filled out an application for frms, received my registration #.  Filled out application for gms but I don't see where I pay the fee....looked everywhere....I verified my email.   I know I am doing something wrong.....can anyone help me?

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I got my license just last week.

I paid online but can't quite remember how the "pay page" came up.

I thought it took me there automatically.


There may be an issue that your browser or anti virus blocks pop ups.

Try using Mozilla Firefox which is a free browser and generally considered safe.

I found that downloading my authorization did not work on Chrome but Firefox asked if I would allow a pop-up from fcc.


So maybe try that.

There is also a link somewhere to "pay fees".

Can't send you a link because you have to be logged in.



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If a picture is worth 1000 words, maybe video is worth 10,000 words. ;)


It's easier than to type it all.  Dealing with a gov site...never fun.  You can skip ahead to the payment part since you've done the rest already.  




Warning - the intro is somewhat loud compared to the reset of the video.

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I just applied and received my license this week. The video is exactly how it went for me. I paid by credit card. On the payment options one can use a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or mail a check/money order to the St Louis FCC office.


Overall the process was very easy. I applied on March 9th. On March 11th I checked in to view my status and there was my call sign number! It had been issued on March 10th. I just bought my gear on March 9th and I haven't even had time to hook it up yet. I'm still deciding where and how to mount the antenna, (rooftop tripod mast, standalone mast, gable mount, tilt mast, etc). I have a lot of options.

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