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  1. I received my new amateur call sign yesterday. I was able to get my dad's call sign, WB9VLW. The photo is one of his old tags.
  2. I passed my tech exam yesterday afternoon. Everything was done online with Zoom. It went better that I thought. So how did I prepare? I'm old school so I bought some study guides books. I read through them 3 times, first time to get familiar with the material, second time I pushed myself to not look at the answer first before choosing one of the multiple choice selections (making myself think about what I was reading), and third time I marked up the text with a highlighter marker to make sure I was reading the text and not just glossing over and moving on. I downloaded the free Roy Watson study apps to my phone. I did not use the practice tests. The practice tests are randomly selecting 35 questions out of the 435 question pool. With the practice tests and on the actual test, you're only getting 2, maybe 3 questions per section. You might do well on 3 or 4 practice tests and feel confident. That's setting yourself up to fail. I used the section quizzes. Now you're answering all 435 questions from the 10 sections. By using the section quizzes I covered the section content much faster and got instant feedback on where I was weak. When I could pass with 100% on most section quizzes, I felt ready. I scored 30/35 or ~86%. If I would have slowed down just a few seconds per question, I would have scored 100%. There's no time limit to take the test. Good luck.
  3. I just applied and received my license this week. The video is exactly how it went for me. I paid by credit card. On the payment options one can use a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or mail a check/money order to the St Louis FCC office. Overall the process was very easy. I applied on March 9th. On March 11th I checked in to view my status and there was my call sign number! It had been issued on March 10th. I just bought my gear on March 9th and I haven't even had time to hook it up yet. I'm still deciding where and how to mount the antenna, (rooftop tripod mast, standalone mast, gable mount, tilt mast, etc). I have a lot of options.
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