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Repeaters for personal DX



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If you and your buddy both have access to (and permission to use) repeaters that are both actively connected together by way of some network, and both of you can successfully communicate through the repeater locally with other local repeater users, then both of you will also hear one another via your local repeaters because they are connected together over the network.


Linked repeaters are not always linked so communication will not always be possible. The repeater owners control that.


I will let some of the linked repeater owners on this forum jump in and give you a sense of when and how they choose to link to other sites.


Depending upon the network and repeater owners, some may give licensed individuals the ability to access a repeater by way of a smart phone app such as Zello or other. In this case one person could be using their smart phone while the other user could be in their vehicle or pedestrian using an HT.


I have only communicated over a GMRS network about a 1/2 dozen times, more for novelty than anything else. Presently it does not fill a communication need I have.






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Maybe what you are looking for is this.

The web address is below (it is not a .com or .org or anything.)




They have some videos about it on youtube as well.

It's called the gmrs linked network.


This uses a GMRS radio to connect to your computer then the internet does the rest.

I guess it's sort of a like a chat room connected by radios on each end.

I'm not sure if there are several networks or what.


Check it out and see if it is what you need.



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