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Arrow beam antenna test



I have an Arrow portable "take down" beam antenna intended for 440MHx/70cm ham radio.

I bought this antenna for my ham radios, before I had GMRS.

Mine is the dual band version with a second set of elements for 2M but otherwise identical to the link below.




I finally got around to checking the SWR with my Wouxun 805G.

It was very good - like darned near a perfect 1:1.

My output power was actually a bit higher than with other antennas I've tested so somehow this antenna seems to "tickle" the 805G just right.

Maybe the 805G is not a perfect 50 ohm output but this antenna is a near reciprocal match????  I'm just reporting the data.


I did not talk to anyone on it but triggered the repeater 15 miles away.

So I know it was transmitting.  That repeater is hard to hit on a simple 1/4 wave antenna with 5W.


My meter is an MFJ-842 set on the 10W range.

I had about 6' of RG-58 coax in the path.

Hams use RG-58 awith BNC connectors for short runs all the time on 440Mhz.



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I looked at the web site to see if there are any gain figures published, didn't see any for that Yagi.


Have you considered a "corner reflector" type antenna? They look like the old style UHF TV antennas, the ones with a "Vee" shaped reflector. 


I've done some simulations using EZNEC+ software. If you're into modeling, building or just plain curious about antennas this is a good software package to use. Not too expensive. There is a free demo version.




A few of the UHF corner reflector models I built show a real gain of 11+ db over a dipole if optimized a bit. The bandwidth seemed wider than the 11 Yagi I modeled from M Squared antennas. The horizontal side lobes seems small and the vertical side lobes were reasonably small.


Arrow also sells corner reflectors too.




With a corner reflector you don't have to worry about the metal mast buggering up the match or ruining the gain of the antenna since the mast is always behind the reflector.

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