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BTECH GMRS V1 antenna

Guest WRKQ944

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Guest WRKQ944

Newbie here with a informative/question.


I recently purchased a NA-771 HT antenna on close out thru Wally World for 7.79 shipped and when I tested the SWR it was 6.4. 

I didn’t like that so figured for the 7.79 I had into it I would start trimming it down to see if I could improve the SWR. 
I cut it in 1/4 inch increments until the Swr was below 2.5 and then cut it in 1/8 increments until I stopped at an SWR of 1.4 on Channel 15. It is now at a 6.5 inch overall length which is a 1/4 in. Longer than the stock antenna! 
Haven’t had a chance to do range tests or comparison with stock yet!


Question for all you experienced guys is did I do the right thing or did I ruin it and wasted my 7.79?

Just as an FYI - I do believe the antenna is a true Nagoya and not a knock off as it was in a orange sleeve and has a Blue name/number on antenna base.


Thanks to all!

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The NA-771 is tuned to the amateur frequencies, not GMRS, that's why the SWR was so high

440-450 MHz compared to 462-467 MHz, that's a 20+ MHz difference


The stock antennas are usually very broad-banded & inefficient


I just looked at mine & it's labeled 136-174/400-520

That's probably the antenna from the UV-82 radios


The least expensive quarter-wave for GMRS [that I know of] is a Nagoya NA-701C,

which is tuned to the VHF/UHF commercial frequencies [so it would also cover MURS on VHF]

and is way closer to GMRS


It's sold in the mygmrs.com store for $14.99



You spent $7.79 & some time to get an antenna that will perform on the GMRS frequencies

I'd say that you broke even

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