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  1. I am mounting this to my hood. Am I supposed to run a ground wire from the antenna or mount to the vehicle body?
  2. Well now BTWR says late April. This sucks. Got a license and no legal way to participate . Also have a reunion I'm going to the end of April and was looking forward to having this on the trip.
  3. @Woody, check out buytwowayradios.com. Look at the KG-805g and the KG-905g radios. I liked the looks and features of the 905g and ordered it as the additional cost over the 805g was minùte. Impatiently waiting for it to arrive, lol. I too, as probably the majority of users on here do, have 2 of the UV-5R's and a TYT-UV88 that I use to monitor my local GMRS repeater. They both have the "capability" to transmit on the repeater, but are not legal to. Wade WRMC954
  4. I have to 2nd the comment regarding the KG-905g. This is the video that convinced me to order it: https://youtu.be/0jn_dewQM4I I've also ordered the Lido Radio LM-300-EXT Seat Bolt Mount With Mic Holder For Mobile and Portable Two Way Radios
  5. Hey Skyline, does the NASA sticker represent anything particular, or just a sticker?
  6. My wife and I use our phones for backing into the campsite. The advantages I see is I have my phone BT'd to my Armada. I don't have to hold the phone. It sits in a mount and both hands are free for the steering wheel. Using a radio would be more cumbersome. Thankfully our camping revolves around one campground and the same campsite 99% of the time and cellular service is never an issue. It works for us, even though I secretly like the idea of the radios...shhhh,
  7. Looks like the system maybe fixed. I was just now able to complete my registration
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