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radio temporarly shut down



I was out with my ht when I went to call a local repeater the radio normaly reaches i could not reach.

When I got home I checked the radio on a meter and I had zero output power. I turned back off and called btwr to get a rma number very good people, so I turned it back on just too double check and now it's working fine, I am returning it but what could cause the issue?




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For one thing - lead free solder (which everyone is required to use now) is nasty stuff.

It can create whiskers and bad bonds and other problems.

Also, the geometries of the components has gotten ridiculous.

Have you ever seen an 0402 size cap or resistor? (that's .040"x.020") and now they have 0201's.

The lead spacing on chips is likewise incredibly close, even under a microscope.


The solder paste needs to be just the right thickness and something we even had to make stencils with different thicknesses.

So they would have to etch the stencil down thinner in some areas.

So no big surprise when something goes wrong.


The only other thing that could have caused your TX to go out is timing out.

If you PTT was accidentally pushed for a couple minutes you TX may shut down until it cools off or resets.



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If its covered under warranty why worry about it? It was likely a software issue since a power cycle seemed to fix it. A lot of the more complex Chinese radios seem to be plagued with software bugs that takes months to several years of updates to fix "most" of the more serious ones. 


For example the Anytone D878UV I have started off with V1.09 and now its at V1.22. They seem to come out with a new version every 3 to 4 months. Go figure that one out. Then at times they bugger something up that was previously working too. Look at V1.18. They had to issue a quick fix to fix what they screwed up. Often the manufactures don't list everything that gets fixed or changed either so reading the change list isn't that big of a help since you don't really know what else they screwed with.



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