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Wouxun KG-805G programming software



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Anyone having problems installing the programming software from two buy radios for the KG-805G? My virus software keeps deleating it as soon as I install it....

Thanks Bill

Some AV software allows you to enter a specific file name to leave alone. I had to do this a few times with an expensive embedded micro-controller development package at work and some custom written utility software. Same thing as you, installed it then a few seconds later, poof, all gone. 8-/

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This is not an uncommon occurrence when the software is not signed with a valid security certificate. I have developed apps on my personal computer and have had the AV security software flag/delete my own program until or unless I signed it. Yes, some AV software will allow you to override protections for a single file.


I do wish however that the importers of the radios that need this software would force the manufactures to sign them with a valid certificate and send the program to the AV software providers to inspect for malicious code.






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