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MXT-400 Operational Tips & Tricks



In my newbie use of this radio I am finding I sometimes have more questions than answers.  Seems the operational manual is only covering the very basic operations.


My question:

In regards to channels we know there are two different types of, “Privacy Tones/Codes” that can be applied to any of the channels.  They are the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) and Digitally Coded Squelch (DCS).


Right out of the box, any channel (frequency) selection will display on the screen without a CTCSS/DCS code as you cycle through the selection of channels.  But did you know there are already two privacy codes attached to each channel (all of them) one CTCSS code of (67.0) and one DCS 001(23).  What I found interesting is that they're already assigned (lowest common numerical) codes but they are not in use at that time.


As we scroll through, we just see the channel numbers with NO INDICATION a code has been selected.  And that is what you should see at this point.  But just above the channel numbers there are/can be “symbols” TS/DCS to indicate a code was actually selected for a specific channel.


All this means little until you start programing your radio to function around Riding Groups or talking to Repeaters as you travel long distances.  Many folks find a favorite frequency they like and or a privacy code they like to use in a location, group or repeater.


It is not un-likely during a trip of 300+/- miles you may encounter several repeaters that can be on the same frequency/channel and with privacy codes that require swapping if you want to use that equipment.


Just realized today while trying to list those I come into contact with; that we can ease the problem if you know in advance and that both a CTCSS & DCS is being used you can incorporate that on the same channel for some convenience.



You have a repeater channel (rp 17) that might be using a CTCSS freq. 141.3 in one location and a DCS code of 41 (306) at another location.  Both codes can be loaded before the trip.  Once you are in reach you can simply swap the signal from one code to the other by pressing the Tone Squelch TS/DCS button one to three times to switch codeDCSs.

Press once: Turns CTCSS code on (to the one) previously selected,

Press twice: Turns DCS  code on (to the one) previously selected,

Press three times: Cycles back to NO selected CODEs in use.

I think you'll still have to press the "SELECT" button for eact to take but I haven't had the oppuntitunty to try this out, yet.


Clear as mud?  Just remember too that if the TS/DCS isn’t on the screen about the channel number, no code has been selected. Owner’s Manual Page 11 indicates what you’ll see if a code is selected with the #5 & #6 symbols.

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