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Kenwood CPS not offering any comm port options



Greetings all,


Well, I knew I would need help again at some point but, didn’t expect it to be so soon.


I purchased a copy of the Kenwood CPS KPG-76D from a communications business selling on eBay and purchased my USB based KPG-4 programming cable from none other than “bluemax49ers” also on eBay.

For starters, this isn’t my first cable purchase from bluemax49ers (won’t be my last either) and have always had 100% success using his cables. As extra proof this cable works, I used it to program a TK-760HG1 radio with no issues.


Here’s the issue. After installing the KPG-76D software on my Windows 10 pc and connecting my KPG-4 cable to my pc and radio, I opened the software and attempted to set the comm port. However, the window that popped up only shows ports 1-4 and all of them are greyed out, not allowing me to actually select a port to use. I thought it might be a software issue or maybe I missed something during the installation process but no matter what I do (including uninstalling & re-installing the CPS), I have been unsuccessful and continue to get the same results. The seller of the software insists there’s an issue with my pc and they would need to have my pc to confirm and correct the issue. Now, I currently have four other versions of Kenwood CPS on this same pc along with several for Motorola, Hytera, Retevis, Baofeng, Ritron and a few more and have never encountered this issue. Obviously if the CPS isn’t recognizing a valid comm port and or not offering an option to select, I’m not able to program any radios with it and it basically does me no good. The seller of the software has offered a full refund but immediately gave up on any other options of trying to correct the issue. I don’t want the seller to lose money but I also don’t want or need any CPS that doesn’t work so, I am once again turning to the fine members of this site for assistance.


I have attempted to upload a pic of my screen shot showing the comm port widow that pops up but no matter what I do to reduce the size of the file, I get an error message and the process fails.


I look forward to your responses with high hopes of a solution.


Best regards,



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I suspect the 76D is older software that was transitioned to windows from older styled DOS programming. If this is the case, chances are the program will only allow you to access one of 4 com ports, which back in the DOS days (before USB) was the common number of ports


Well, before anything we need to figure out what com port number the programming cable has. Open the start menu and type "Device Manager" and it should locate device manager in control panel. Open it.


Under Ports (COM & LPT) you should find your cable with (COM#) next to the name. Typically using a serial device this would be COM 2. However because we are using USB here, the computer gives it its own COM # and I've seen it go anywhere between 3 and 8. If your COM port number is greater than 4, don't fret, I believe there is a way to fix it.


In device manager, right click on your cable under ports & coms, and click "Properties"


In the new window click on the "Port Settings" tab, then click "Advanced"


Where it says "COM Port Number" Change to Com3 or Com4 (Com 1&2 are usually used by your motherboard for other applications and may cause signaling issues. Also important, anything using Com 3 or 4 will likely need to be moved if it is in use.)


Click "Ok" and the window will close, Click "Ok" again in the previous window and it too will close.


Check that the cable comes up as COM3 or 4 in device manager. If it does, restart the KPG76D software, and try to select the port. It should be open now.

If it still will not let you select the port, you may need a serial cable and capable computer to program. I know some radios and programs are a bit glitchy like that. Let me know how you make out and if you have any questions.

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Thank you for the help. That worked for the comm port unfortunately, while the seller informed me that the KPG-46 cable would work for this radio (TK-863G) it does not. I read now that I need the KPG-46P for this model so yet another cable ordered lol. My apologies for just now replying. Just after submitting the issue, my schedule got all twisted and other than trying to keep up with repeater access requests, I haven't had the time to devote to programming anything until today. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share the info and hope you are doing well.

Thanks again, stay safe, healthy, well & happy


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