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Setting up new repeater and Frequency question



I want to set up a new repeater in my area and there is another repeater not far and may even cover my home. I have tried to request permission to use it without answer. I am continuing to attempt to reach the operator.


My question is can I use the same frequency to expand its coverage or do I have to use a different frequency altogether.





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Two repeaters in close proximity to each other using the same input and output frequencies and access codes will make both system just about useless if a mobile is close to half way between both systems. In basic terms, FM processing in a receiver does not want to have two exact signals coming in at the same time. This produces some really significant howling noises in the mobile and really distorted audio.  Some state police agencies use that type of single frequency multi tower system regionally - but NOT as a repeater for mobile to mobile communications.


If you wish to set up a new system, pick another frequency pair and to keep most unauthorized persons off, use diffrent input and output access codes or mix DPL and CTCSS input and output codes for even more privacy.


(Looks like John and I were posting at the same time... like minds and all that...LOL...)

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That depends upon your budget, height of the antenna, feedline type, repeater output power (up to 50 watts max) and gain factor of the antenna with respect to your coverage area expectations. Give this some thought and then give us a little more info as to projected location, height, etc... and several of the members here, who can do RF analytics, can make recommendations on equipment.

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