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Any Retevis RT9000D UHF Owners?


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Wondering if anyone here owns a RT9000D by Retevis?



I'm wondering if there's any difference between the Retevis model and the TYT 9000D?


There are easy mods on Ebay to make two units into a repeater and I'm curious if the kits would work on the Retevis version.


 Note: I am asking specifically about the radio comparisons and not looking for legal advise on FCC regulation, rules and accreditations. 

Salty Sad Hams need not reply!



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Going by the pictures, there doesn't appear to be any difference between them that I could see, other than the label.

According to Amazon, the TYT transmit range is between 420 and 450 MHz (70cm ham band), but it receives from 400 to 490 MHz.

The Retevis is shown as having a frequency range that matches the receive range of the TYT (400 to 490), but from what I could find, it doesn't specify if this is for both transmit and receive.

I'm sure there are ways to expand the transmit range on the TYT, but I didn't look into that at all. I'm sure the same would apply to the Retevis radio, too, it it has the same TX limits.

For what it's worth, this also appears to be the same radio as the Midland MXT400, except the Midland is pre-configured and type-accepted as a 40 watt GMRS radio, and costs about twice as much.

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