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Hi, I'm relatively new to GMRS.  Visiting Myrtle Beach, SC, need permission, don't know how. 

Guest Gerald Jurrens

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Guest Gerald Jurrens

Hi, I'm relatively new to GMRS. My callsign is WRJR741. I am trying to reach one or both of the Myrtle Beach repeaters. I have the frequencies (the same as two in my home town) but I don't know what PL Tone I need, or if I need permission, how to get it. I tried two listed repeaters:  "Rcr" and "Navyjohn105.net 700" -- I get Website DNS not found. I'll be here for a few weeks to a month and I would like to keep in touch with my non-ham wife, if possible. Thanks in advance. 


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I sent six requests on Mygmrs.com to five repeater licensees in my area but only one (with two nearby repeaters) replied.
Another of the repeaters is listed with Repeaterbook.com as "travel tone" (141.3) and "Open Road Initiative", so I suppose it is open to all.
It is a lot easier on the amateur bands where all repeaters are "assumed" to be open unless they use a DPL tone.
Repeaterbook,com lists 650 in Myrtle Beach as closed but 700 in North Myrtle Beach as open

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I think it's up to the owner to respond and mygmrs.com can't really do much about that.  Owners are private citizens for the most part and could be away for many different reasons.  If the repeater is listed as open, try it when you get in the area.

As I understand it, permission really isn't necessary.


BTW, 700 moved to Kingstree, SC and covers about 60 miles.  It is open so permission isn't really required while you visit.


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