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KG805G Disassembly?



One of my KG805's has a spec of "dandruff" right in the middle of the display window.   It doesn't actually hurt anything but it's annoying as heck.  I guess at least it gives us a way to tell the radios apart.

I think if I could just open up the radio maybe I could use compressed air to blow it out of there.  I would not want to risk harming the radio though.  If it opens up easily I'll try it.

Has anyone out there opened up their KG805?  I have good tools but I know a lot of these cases snap together and do not come apart without getting beat up.  I do not want to rat up the case just to clean the display window.


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I don't have a KG805G radio, but I do have a KG-UV9G, and looking at it, it appears that the case does indeed snap together. I suspect the same is true of the 805.

The only similar type of radio that I've disassembled is a Baofeng UV-82 that I had in a storage bin and I found that water got into it, and the radio was soaking in the water for an unknown amount of time. With nothing to lose, I took the radio apart slowly and deliberately so I could clean it up. If I remember correctly, I took pictures as I did so, for reference when reassembling it. I carefully placed the bits and pieces on a cotton towel, so they wouldn't roll around on my "workbench" (kitchen counter).

Once I got the radio apart, I cleaned everything as well as I could with the things I had on hand. When I put it back together, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the radio "worked" although the audio quality was poor. The built-in microphone didn't work, but the radio did work with an external (hand) mic.

Before I disassembled the Baofeng, I did find a guide online outlining how to do so. I don't recall where I found it, but it did help me know how to deal with things like the antenna jack (it needs a spanner type device to remove the "nut" that threads onto the outside of the jack). If you can find a guide like that, even if it's for a Baofeng, it will probably be similar and should be helpful to you.

Also, please remember that you may not need to disassemble your radio completely, but rather only enough to blow out the debris from the display. Once you've accomplished that, you can reassemble it carefully.

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